Included on this page are the answers to some frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

Q: Why should I use a company to plan my group’s trip?

A: The staff at Freedom Tours is ready to go to work for you! First, we have developed relationships with vendors across the country and we will work to secure the best possible rate on attractions for your group. Secondly, we make all reservations, secure all contracts and pay all deposits. The time Freedom Tours devotes to this process will allow you time to spend with your students in your classroom, or with other projects. Finally, experience. We have it and want to put it to good use for your group.

Q: How many people do I need in my group in order to book a trip with Freedom Tours?

A: Freedom tours uses a variety of motor coach sizes and can work with a group of any size.

Q: What type of buses do you use?

A: We use deluxe motor coaches with a restroom and video equipment. Safety is our top priority. We work with motor coach companies who have excellent safety standards, procedures and records.

Q: What cities does Freedom Tours recommend?

A: Freedom Tours has taken groups to many different cities. Some of the most popular destination cities include New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Charleston, SC and Washington DC.

Q: Can I take my group to a different city?

A: Of course. Freedom Tours will work with you to custom design a trip that suits the needs of your group. No trip is a “cookie-cutter” trip at Freedom Tours.

Q: Who designs the itinerary?

A: Each itinerary is specifically designed for each group. We will start with ideas from the group and build an itinerary around those. If you’d like Freedom Tours to do the entire process, we do that also. Our goal in preparing an itinerary for any group is to customize it for a group’s specific interests, requests and needs. Once an itinerary is designed, it is always sent to the group leader for approval.

Q: Does Freedom Tours make all the reservations?

A: Yes, we do all the legwork of comparing prices, reserving attractions and paying deposits.

Q: What type of deposit will I need to make in order to start planning a trip with Freedom Tours?

A: A signed contract and nominal motor coach deposit is all you need to get your trip rolling. The contract will specifically list your group’s payment schedule, which is designed to give you ample time to collect payments from your participants before owing additional money to Freedom Tours.

Q: Who makes the advance payments to the vendors, me or Freedom Tours?

A: Freedom Tours handles all reservations, contracts and deposits on your group’s behalf. Your group simply follows the payment schedule in the contract.

Q: How will I know what to do when my group gets to our destination?

A: Your trip with Freedom Tours includes a travel specialist to handle all the details of the trip. He/she will check your group in at each attraction and see that your group has a fun, educational and memorable experience!

Q: Where can I purchase trip insurance? 

A: We recommend checking out InsureMyTrip, which is a travel insurance aggregation site. You’ll be able to explore multiple insurance options from various providers.