Today’s economy demands it … our clients expect it. Freedom Tours delivers high quality at affordable prices without sacrificing any of the attention to detail to which our clients have become accustomed. When price matters, but quality is required, go with Freedom Tours.


A unique experience every time! Whether your trip represents a return visit to a known location or a first-time visit to a new and exciting destination, no two trips are exactly the same. We work with you to build the trip that fits your group the best.


Safety first … from beginning to end, Freedom Tours’ first commitment is to the safety of your group. By providing no-nonsense travel tips regarding the destinations and venues on your itinerary to working with only the best and most reputable companies, the safety of your group is our primary focus.


With Freedom Tours your classroom has no walls … and the educational possibilities are endless. Combine your imagination with the expertise of our travel consultants to provide a unique and memorable learning experience for your students.

Freedom Tours is a local company with a global perspective. Freedom Tours, founded and based in Lexington, Kentucky, brings travel opportunities to Kentucky schools and groups.

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